During my PhD at the Radboud University, some work is posted here. Not all of them are relevant to my research.

[Paper] Hardness estimates of the code equivalence problem in the rank metric. Together with Simona Samardjiska and Monika Trimoska. (ePrint, slides at WCC 2022)

[Video] Kyber and post-quantum crypto – How does it work?  Together with Ruben Gonzalez. (, presented at rC3 2021)

[Paper] Fully projective radical isogenies in constant-time. Together with Jesús-Javier Chi-Domínguez. (ePrint, video, accepted at CT-RSA 2022)

[Note] Number of matrices of certain rank over a finite field (pdf)

During my mathematics studies at the Radboud University I wrote a number of things. Some of these I liked enough as to place them here.

Master’s thesis: Campana curves, on semi-integral points of bounded height (pdf)

Étale cohomology and zeta functions, including the Weil conjectures and applications (pdf)

Bachelor thesis: Heisenberg groups, on applications using representation theory (pdf)

As a consultant at INNOPAY I wrote a few blogs on cryptography, payments and cryptocurrencies.

Quantum computers will revolutionize cryptography. Here’s why. (link)

2 key considerations that influence your business case when exploring XS2A opportunities (link)

Central Bank Digital Currencies: Today’s buzzword, or time to get ready? (link)

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