In a nutshell.

Krijn Reijnders

I’m a PhD student in the subject ‘post-quantum cryptography’ at the Digital Security group of the Radboud University, Nijmegen.

The easiest way to reach me is to send me an e-mail:

This is my website, that serves to host some of my (professional) writings, some thoughts that I have at times and an online version of my cv.

My research focuses on the design and cryptanalysis of post-quantum cryptographic schemes, and at this moment specifically code-based and isogeny-based schemes. You could say that I look at isogenies and isometries. Both admit a cryptographic group action on which you can design all sorts of schemes, although the former is commutative and the latter non-commutative.

Sometimes I write things about different thoughts I have on my own personal interests. These should never be taken too seriously.

Additionally, I provide limited consultancy services, building on my experience as a strategy consultant.